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The power of global HTS in a small and superlight package



The SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku enables VSAT where deemed not possible before

Small and superlight

While one metre Ku-band antennas like the immensely successful SAILOR 900 VSAT are now a de-facto standard for global Ku-band networks, new technology and developments make it possible to build efficient high performance antennas also in a small size at a superlight weight. The design has been extensively tested on a fishing trawler operating in the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea.

All networks, all ships big and small

Cobham SATCOM has employed its world- class engineering team to design a whole new high performance RF package which makes sure that SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku can be deployed anywhere in the world on as many Ku-band satellites as possible – even on smaller vessels going through heavy seaways.

Two Antennas, One Subscription – superfast switching

Service Level Agreements (SLA) are a crucial aspect of maritime IT and communication solutions. In order to meet the demand for high SLAs, especially when there are obstructions on the ship that cannot be overcome by setting up blocking zones, satcom service providers sometimes install two antennas.
The SAILOR Ku-Band VSAT platform makes this easier and less costly as it can operate two antenna systems on a single modem without the need for an extra box to manage the connection to the VSAT modem. The advanced SAILOR antenna controllers manage the connection between satellite and satellite router fully automatically and the switch-over hap- pens in just 20 milliseconds.

High Throughput Satellites

New high throughput satellites (HTS) such as the Intelsat EpicNG satellite series are now online in Ku-band. All SAILOR VSAT has been tested to work on these HTS services and the aperture size still guarantees that the antenna can roam between spot beams and wide beams. State-of-the-art electronics, and a reflec- tor dish and radome tuned for optimum performance on Ku-band frequencies ensure that SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku is a powerful choice.